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The world of career and Education has been changing rapidly and different types of need base education and career is adding to our list to achieve. Earlier days, a couple of decades ago only three streams of study were available to choose from, namely Arts, Commerce and Science. But today the learning options are growing day by day based on needs and also for technological improvements. For an ordinary individual it will be very difficult to keep track of all the options and possibilities available in modern days. So it is very difficult to finalise a stream from so many choices available and it is more difficult to choose a field of study from a right place!

Students (Under Graduate)

During assessment we find that each individual is unique and have unique talent and strengths to utilise. Hence each individual needs different guidance according to his/her talents and uniqueness. Career planning is not a easy process and so it requires a long term planning according the needs while helping the student achieving best and high quality career goals. In this planning the primary level or under graduate courses are the most important choice a student has to finalise and it will act as pillar for the rest of some one's life. So every one should be very careful to choose the stream or area of their studies. The basic groups to choose from available areas are as follows :

Students (Post Graduate/Specialisation)

Students in this group are more mature and can identify their needs and search based on their primary qualification. They search education in same areas in best Institutions or Universities to get the best education for career.

Students (Overseas Education)

Students in Graduation level course in foreign countries mainly asking for Engineering, MBBS, BBA etc. A small percentage of other students ask for Post Graduation courses in Institutions and Universities for quality education in their field with overseas exposure. Other maximum students are mainly interested in good placement in overseas through some course which is the medium to reach that country to get a suitable job or permanent settlement. They are searching education with scope of earning and then to get a way to stay there for career placement.

Placement Service

On completion of studies each and every student expect a good placement from their Institutions through Campus placements but only a few can get that scope to start a career like that. Maximum candidates are searching a scope on completion of their course but not get selected for various reason or not get the area of choice in the industry. We are helping students with proper guidance and training (if required) to get the success to secure the correct placement.

Entry level placements

Entry level placement is very important for a student to get the confidence to start a career and therefore they should get the chance at the earliest for success in life. Our career guidance program will be very suitable for getting entry level placements.

Mid Career placements

Mid career placements are depends on needs and will be arranged as per the requirements. Some of the candidates search for improvement in career in same industry and some are asking for change in career in different industry. A good number of candidates are seeking overseas placements as per their choice to improve earnings and also to plan permanent settlement. We have good tie-ups with organisations and agencies to arrange overseas placements. We will help the students to process documents and also to clear other formalities for quick success.

We believe that human rights of a child are non-negotiable.

Our Vision

Support every students to achieve their goals for Education and Career and to create a happy bunch of professionals who excels in their field and also enjoy working

Our Mission

We will help and support each and every students best or average to plan and select a right career matching with their ambitions and aspirations and also guide them the path of fulfilling the dreams with best possible way and will support till achieving the goal to create a group of highly qualified and satisfied professionals.

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